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Weekly School- It is a program to provide work sheets to enhance self-learning during Covid-19 pandemic. In Sabaragamuwa we are having “Diamond Project” targets for classroom teaching and learning. Sabaragmuwa has introduced Weekly School program on this curriculum targets and providing self-learning worksheet per week to students’ doorsteps in online as well as offline mode. Specially in current situation we have facilitated students to get their worksheets from the closet school rather than getting it from students enrolled school.

Lak FM - OL Revision

Lak FM OL Revision

e-Nnenapiyasa-Lak FM O/L Revision Program- This is a public-private partnership program between the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Department of Education and Lak FM to help students to continue their education in the face of the Corona epidemic. The program has initiated as a revision course through interactive lessons designed for students in grades 10 and 11 who are studying GCE Ordinary Level subjects by adding a new experience to the Sri Lankan student community. Students can come to our revision course anytime from anywhere, and they can retry any number of attempts.


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Interactive Lessons

Interactive Lessons - These are the activities that can engage students in several ways, being a two-way electronic communication system that involves a student’s responses. Our teachers are creating interactive lessons by using interactive tools such as interactive videos, interactive presentations, flashcards, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice, hot spots, 360 videos, dictation, essay, puzzles, games and many more. It is creating a novel teaching-learning experience for students as well as teachers.


Learning Materials

Learning Materials - You can find Audio, Video, Links, Live Streaming, PDF, Past Papers, Online Exams and Other Supportive Learning Materials from here. Especially during Covid-19 epidemic situation, we are conducting a video lesson series for grade 10 & 11 students.


Smart School Practices

Smart School Practices - This is a common platform to share schools best Practices of distance learning in Sabaragamuwa. In here we have allowed schools that are practicing distance learning very well to share their materials with all the Sri Lankan school students and teachers.

Counselling Room

Counselling Room

Counselling Room – This set up is to help students to resolve any personal problems that may be impeding their studies as well as mental well-being. In here we are bridging the students who need counselling support with professional counselling teachers as well as doctors. A situation like Covid-19 pandemic, we are providing extra materials for students to keep them healthy.
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